Merewether United Football Club Registration Privacy Policy

Merewether United Football Club (MUFC) receives and stores your information on its website and use of this website constitutes acceptance of our practices.

 MUFC will receive and store information you provide in order to be able to process your order. Customers supply their personal information when prompted and if you do not wish to provide any such information then you are free to not do so, however we will be unable to process your order if certain information is not provided.

MUFC will not sell your information but will share your information where necessary in order to facilitate the processing of your order - all registration details will be forwarded to Newcastle Football, Northern NSW Football and FFA. Billing details will not be shared.

Information may be shared with officers, directors, servants, employees, agents postal services or transport companies and credit card payment processing companies such as Banks in order to process your order.

 When the law requires MUFC to disclose relevant information provided it will do so in compliance of such laws.